3 ways HVAC systems restoration and air duct cleaning can save you money
Air duct cleaning not only improves indoor air quality for hospital employees and patients, but it can also save the hospital money in the long run. Healthcare facilities may be spending a lot of their budget on circumstances in the facility that could be otherwise avoided. To help narrow down where your facility may be spending money unnecessarily, here are three ways your facility could save money with HVAC systems restoration and air duct cleaning.

Energy Savings
Restoring your air ducts will help optimize your HVAC performance and its ability to heat and cool your facility without having to work longer and harder. When there is blockage caused by debris in the air ducts, it inhibits the air flow from reaching its destination to cool or heat a specified area.

According to a study conducted at the University of Washington, some hospitals were able to reduce energy use up to 40% of their annual heating and cooling ventilation costs with mechanical systems restoration and air duct cleaning. While not every facility may experience a drop in energy use at such a high number, the US Department of Energy suggests that hospitals and healthcare facilities will average 10-15% savings on energy. This percentage could translate into thousands of dollars saved depending on the size of the facility.

Cleaner Air
Not only will this improve the function of your HVAC system and prolong its lifespan, it will also eliminate the transfer of harmful particles through the air, which can be especially beneficial and crucial in sensitive areas such as operating rooms and intensive care units. This will help keep the occupants in your facility healthier and less likely to contract a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). These infections can cost approximately $14,000 per patient, and affect approximately 1.7 million hospitals visitors each year. Limiting an occurrence for these HAIs will help the bottom line of the facility.

Longer Lifespan of Systems
Preventative maintenance of your mechanical systems and air ducts can help to prolong your systems life and avoid unnecessary replacement or repair costs. Overworked systems can wear out more quickly from overuse, and can be very costly to replace especially in a larger facility. Scheduled preventative maintenance can ensure that your systems will continue to function and operate smoothly for years to come.

Avoiding unnecessary costs with a little maintenance can go a long way in your facility. Your facility will experience a drop in energy costs, cleaner air and healthier occupants, and a longer lifespan for your HVAC system. These three components together can help your facility save money that could be better utilized in other departments. Schedule HVAC systems restoration and air duct cleaning and start saving in your facility today.

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