4 benefits to outsourcing your fire damper repairs
According to NFPA 80, “damper repairs should begin without delay.” After your damper inspection is complete, you’ll often be left with damper deficiencies which will require immediate attention. In an effort to save money, many facilities will attempt to make these repairs themselves. Even with the best of intentions and experience, facilities departments face a long list of other responsibilities and these repairs often can be pushed out for months, leaving the facility at risk. Hiring an outside contractor that is experienced in fire damper repairs will allow a facility manager to focus on the other issues at hand, as well as maintain code-compliance.

Here are four benefits of outsourcing your damper repairs:

Materials On-Hand
Since code states that repairs must be made immediately, many reputable inspection contractors will come with extra materials during an inspection so they are able to make any repairs along the way. If they don’t make repairs during the inspection, or you did the inspection in-house, an outside contractor should have parts such as replacement actuators and fusible links, already available or at least have good relationships with suppliers to obtain these materials quickly. Having these materials available and ready to be installed or replaced will get the job done more quickly and efficiently, so your facility can get back to compliance and be covered during an AHJ survey.

Experts in the Field
Outside contractors working in the field are typically experts in what they do. Since fire dampers are their specialty, most contractors have conducted thousands of inspections and repairs, have seen almost every deficiency, and are familiar with the solution to fixing them. This allows the repair process to move more quickly as there is less time troubleshooting issues.

Less Distraction
Not only are outside contractors more familiar with codes, deficiencies, and materials, they are more focused on completing the task at hand. Without other responsibilities or emergencies to tend to in the facility, fire damper inspection contractors are able to focus on completing repairs without distraction. This gives facility mangers more time to focus on their other responsibilities, while still ensuring their life safety systems are back to full function.

Documentation to Code
It can be tough to know exactly what an AHJ is looking for in documentation if you’re not familiar with their guidelines. Outside contractors who create documentation on a daily basis know exactly what an AHJ looks for, have the resources to create detailed and organized reports, and usually have a quick turnaround so your facility doesn’t face any citations. Leaving the documentation, along with repairs, to a qualified contractor may also save you the headache of a citation or consequence from an AHJ.

There is no doubt that using an outside contractor for damper repairs can save you time and although the upfront costs can seem daunting, using an outside contractor will usually save you money in the long run. We have been called for many repair jobs after an AHJ survey where repairs were not completed properly or on time. By hiring an outside contractor to make repairs to your dampers, you should be able to breeze through any AHJ survey without issues.

Schedule Your Damper Repairs with PREVENT
PREVENT Life Safety is available to help you with your fire/smoke damper inspections or repairs. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to save you time and keep your facility in compliance. Our technicians also have a proven track record of accessing most, if not all, dampers and use The Solution Mobile Containment Unit on every job. If your facility is in need of a damper inspection or repairs, call your local account manager to schedule an appointment. You can also give us a call at 877-392-6074 or request a free quote online.
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