4 things to consider when choosing contractors for your health care facility
According to the statistics by American Hospital Association (AHA), there are total 5,627 hospitals in the US. Just like any other facility, maintenance work in the health care facility is also carried out on a regular basis. However, hospitals seldom maintain an in-house maintenance department. Thus, they have to avail the services of a maintenance contractor whenever the need arises. Here, we have listed four things that should be considered when choosing contractors for your hospital’s maintenance.

1. Check the License
No one just starts providing maintenance services to the health care facilities unless the organization is licensed by some authority. In the US, Department of Health and Human Services along with many others provide licenses to contractors only after which they are allowed to provide their services to the health care facilities. So, before you award a contract for maintenance to an organization, don’t forget to ask for their license first.

2. Experience Counts
The more experienced a maintenance contractor is, the less you would have to worry about their work. This is because they bring with them vast experience and background that makes them capable of handling all sorts of situations. Also, ask contractors about their previous clients and their feedback. You can even contact their previous and existing clients to ask them their opinion. This will help you in choosing the best contractor for your health care facility.

3. Safety Procedures
A hospital is a place where a person suffering from illness or infections comes for a cure. Generally, during maintenance activity, a lot of dust is produced which may adversely affect the health of sick people. So, in order to deal with this issue, most maintenance activity within the premises of a hospital is carried out in a mobile containment unit. Thus, you should always choose the contractor that uses a mobile containment unit when performing maintenance.

4. And Finally… Money Matters
The final thing that you should consider when hiring a health care contractor is the amount that he will be charging for his services. You should compare this with the price charged by other contractors in the market. The best way to obtain services at a competitive price is to call for the submission of bids. This ensures that you only pay a fair price for the services rendered by a contractor.
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