5 step life safety checklist

With spring around the corner, it’s a good time to evaluate your life safety components. Use the following life safety checklist to help get you started.

1. Close the Gaps
Fire and smoke gaps, that is
In 2016, did contractors or others leave penetrations in your fire/ smoke walls? PREVENT’s Firestopping services are a cost effective way to re-establish the proper rating to those fire and smoke walls using the correct UL Listed system. Our team of professional installers has extensive experience working in occupied Healthcare facilities.


2. Be Compliant
It’s easier than you think
Are your fire/ smoke dampers due to be inspected this year? Or did you install any new ones last year? PREVENT has inspected and/ or repaired over 100,000 dampers. Our professionals will provide a thorough, well documented report that will bring your facility into compliance with The Joint Commission (TJC).


3. Clean the Air
And get more comfort

Make March your annual duct cleaning month. Cleaning your mechanical system not only provides for a better quality of air, it also improves the performance of the system. It’s too cold, it’s too hot. These are common complaints from clients with systems that are out of balance due to the build-up of contaminants in their system. PREVENT can help make your facility a more comfortable and healthy place for patients, employees and the public.


4. Update your Exit Plan
Photoluminescence lead the way

Photoluminescent emergency exit path markings and emergency exit signs are now required by the 2009 Edition of the IBC (International Building Code). They are intended to provide safe, illuminated routing for stairways and exits. PREVENT can install these newly required devices at your facility.


5. Double Check Your Fire Doors
The new code is in place

Fire door inspections and repairs are being inspected differently than previous years. The new code changes require better documentation of the doors and their compliance. PREVENT has certified fire door staff that will make sure each one is up to code. Read more about the new requirements at www.nfpa.org.

PREVENT has your facility and its occupants in mind each time we perform any of our services. From completing each job in the most effective way to using The Solution mobile containment unit to minimize spreading of harmful particulates in construction dust, we always have safety in mind.

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