Air duct cleaning FAQ - six of your questions answered
Sometimes certain cleaning or maintenance procedures can be thought of as frivolous or unnecessary when, in fact, these procedures could have monumental benefits for your facility. Not having the knowledge of what those benefits are could leave you missing out on an opportunity to maintain safety and well-being in your facility. When you’re not quite sure if air duct cleaning is the right solution for your facility, it can take hours of research to pinpoint any benefits that would come of it. Instead of spending time and resources to get your questions answered, we compiled them into a list and answered them for you.

Here are the top 6 FAQs regarding air duct cleaning:

What are the benefits of having air ducts cleaned?

Air duct cleaning can offer numerous benefits for your facility. The most beneficial are healthier building occupants, decreased risk of a fire hazard, and money saved on energy. When air conditioning is running in a facility, dust and debris that has built up in the air duct is permeated throughout the facility. These particles could carry bacteria and infection that could lead the occupants in the facility to become sick. This build up will also cause the HVAC to work harder and longer to cool down a facility, which causes the facility to use more energy than needed. Over time, air duct cleaning will save your facility money because the air handler won’t have to work as hard to cool down the building. Additionally, the particles and debris lodged or stuck along the walls of the duct could pose a major fire hazard if it is not addressed or cleaned.

Is duct cleaning required by code?
Air duct cleaning is not required by code, but it is suggested by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) that HVAC systems and its components should be inspected annually. Cleaning is typically suggested after inspection when the ducts may be blocked or have harmful particles present.

Are any chemicals used during cleaning?
No, chemicals are rarely (or never) used during air duct cleaning, and is not recommended by NADCA. Air duct cleaning only consists of tubing or a brush that whips and breaks up the dirt and debris that is stuck along the ductwork. As it breaks it up, the dust and debris is removed from the ductwork with HEPA filtered vacuum collection. If a company is using chemicals during this process, you are likely paying for an unnecessary treatment, and also putting your occupants at risk with airborne chemicals.

How will building occupants be affected during the process?
Building occupants are seldom affected by the cleaning process. One of the biggest worries facility managers have is infection spread from particles or debris in the ceiling when accessing the ductwork. Many outside contractors, specifically PREVENT Life Safety, will use a mobile containment unit similar to The Solution to access the ductwork along with filters over the registers and 2500 CFM HEPA collection devices to collect the debris. This will help prevent any spread of harmful particles that are nested above-ceiling.

Will there be a mess afterward?
No, the facility will be cleaner after air duct cleaning is performed. The particles that are removed from the ductwork are collected into HEPA filtered collection units, so none of the harmful debris and particles are dispersed throughout the facility. The facility will also have cleaner air because the particles that were being blown through the ventilation system before will no longer be present.

Do I need to hire a certain type of contractor or can anyone clean ductwork?
Many contractors, such as PREVENT Life Safety, are NADCA members and follow the most stringent requirements to provide quality and thorough service. NADCA requires that their members have Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) on staff that have passed certification examination. Many of these specialists also attend seminars to maintain NADCA certification, and be aware of the latest news in the industry. Hiring a contractor that is a NADCA member will ensure that the job is done correctly, professionally, and with occupants’ health and well-being in mind.

Routine cleaning of your air ducts can offer many benefits for the facility and its occupants. Not only will your facility save money on energy in the long run, your occupants will be healthier overall. Ensure your facility’s HVAC is running efficiently and is cost-effective, while also protecting your occupants against airborne infections.

Air Duct Cleaning with PREVENT Life Safety
If you need your HVAC system cleaned or restored, PREVENT can help. We can provide Air Duct Cleaning and Mechanical Systems Restoration quickly and efficiently on your time schedule, while minimizing the impact on your buildings daily activities. We also have many years of experience working in healthcare and other sensitive environments and make infection control a top priority by using The Solution Mobile Containment on all of our jobs. We have NADCA certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists on staff and always use proper procedures to ensure cleanliness and effectiveness.

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