Are your fire dampers costing your facility extra money?

Many facility managers have their fire dampers inspected every 4-6 years as they are required. But does waiting so long cost you more money in the long run? Fire dampers directly affect your HVAC system in a few ways:

1. When a damper fails to open after a test of the alarm system, the air flow and balance in your facility is altered dramatically.
2. An irregular air balance can cause corridor doors to stay open when they should close.
3. Failed dampers can also redirect air flow in the HVAC system, affecting temperature stability.


Are you confident that all of your dampers are functioning properly?


Why Replace Defective Fire Dampers Now?
Just last week PREVENT was called in to replace some defective Honeywell dampers in an Arizona hospital. They had roughly 20 units suffering from “damper creep.” This is when the vents close over time after multiple momentary power losses. The staff was luckily able to identify the ones that continuously had a problem re-opening after each test. While they were able to open them manually, it took more manpower. But who couldn’t use that manpower for something else?

Don’t lose money (or manpower) with defective dampers. Your HVAC system works much harder to counteract the effects of failed dampers. This makes the system far less energy efficient.

With summer months approaching, it’s a perfect time to schedule your inspection. PREVENT ensures a full inspection every time, including the dampers some companies have deemed “inaccessible.” Each energy-efficient effort goes a long way and functioning dampers can make a substantial difference. Call Prevent today at (877) 392-6074 or e-mail Schedule your appointment by May 9th and mention #firedampers for a free gift.

PREVENT offers top-quality life safety services including:

Fire damper inspections and repair
Fire door inspections and repair
Photo-luminescent Egress

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