Benefits of hiring local life safety contractors

Visits from The Joint Commission or other AHJs are usually unexpected. If there are areas of your facility that have been neglected, you could be facing hefty fines or consequences when an AHJ is in the facility surveying. Having local life safety contractors nearby staff can help eliminate these repercussions if they get to the facility before the AHJ has left and finish any necessary work. This is one of the added benefits of having a contractor that has technicians that work and live in your area.

Here are some other benefits of hiring local life safety contractors:

Local Contractors Means Quick Turnaround
If your contractor is not local, it can take weeks or days to get on their schedule. Local contractors are usually able to schedule a job more quickly, since they don’t have to spend time booking travel and hotel for their technicians. These local technicians are able to take care of issues as you need them, especially since they are likely already working in the area. This is especially helpful for issues that come up unexpectedly and need immediate attention.

Local Contractors Saves Money
Local companies are going to get the job done more quickly and are usually less expensive than other companies. When hiring a company that’s not local to your area, they often adjust pricing to accommodate the expenses they will accumulate for traveling to your facility. If your contractor is already in the local area, that can ease some of the cost that come with maintaining life safety systems. Instead of paying premium to have an out-of-area contractor, hire someone that is in a close vicinity to your facility to save on costs and receive better service.

Local Contractors Equal More Accountability
Local life safety contractors who have offices near your facility often provide a higher-quality service than other contractors. They have local staff that is trained and employed by the company, which translates to better service. Many out-of-area contractors hire sub-contractors to take care of work where they don’t have offices. These subcontractors are less likely to do a great job because their reputation is not on the line. Local staff is more likely to do a better job, go out of their way for a customer, and care more for the customer than a team of subcontractors because they are invested in the company they are working for.

Local Contractors Take Care of Emergencies
Emergencies can happen at any time of day, and always seem to come up at the most inopportune moments. If your contractor is local, these emergencies are more easily eliminated since someone is close by to come and help alleviate the problem. If your contractor is not local, it may take them days or weeks to get someone out to your facility to take a look at the problem. Many contractors say they work all over the country, but they don’t actually have personnel on-hand to provide services that are needed at the drop of a hat. If you can’t get your contractor out to your facility right away, you could end up paying more in the long run in fines and time of having to wait to have your issue addressed.

Working with a local contractor is the best option for your facility, and will ensure your facility will be code compliant all year long. A local contractor will finish the job in a more quickly and efficient manner, save money for your facility, and be on-hand if any emergencies come up along the way.

If you need help with your life safety systems, or want to learn more about the areas PREVENT serves, visit us online or call us at 877-39-6074 so we can put you in touch with your local account manager.

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