Dryer vent cleaning: Avoid dryer fires in your facility
Hospitals, hotels, and other commercial buildings are constantly using industrial washers and dryers to clean any articles that are used on a daily basis. Due to the nature of these facilities, many of these items can be very soiled, which creates more laundry and more work for the machines being used. Whether it’s bed sheets or hospital gowns, these facilities can be laundering anywhere between 5,000 to 50,000 pounds of laundry per day depending on the size of the facility. Constant usage of these machines, particularly dryers, can pose a huge fire threat to a facility if they are not maintained regularly.

Dryer vents are the leading cause of fire in hotels and hospitals, and account for 1 in 5 fires occurring in nursing homes. Although these fires can be caused by a few different factors, the main thing causing dryer fires is the lack of maintenance and dirty ventilation/ductwork.

It’s important to know how these fires can occur, and what steps you can take to prevent them from happening.

Know How Dryer Fires Occur

Dryer fires can begin underneath the machine when the motor starts to overheat due to excessive usage. However, many fires occur due to lint build-up and blockage of airflow in the vent. The reduced airflow to the outside can back up exhaust gases which can lead to a fire breakout when combined with lint build-up on the sides of the vent. The exhaust and moisture are unable to make their way out of the building, which can lead to a longer and harder working machine that can build up heat and become a fire hazard. If the laundry is damp after a typical drying cycle, or it takes longer than normal to dry, this is the first sign that the vents are clogged or blocked. If this is a problem your facility is currently facing, the facility could be in danger of a dryer vent fire.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Can Prevent Fires

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your dryer vent and air ducts will help prevent the occurrence of a fire in your facility. Also, it is important that lint traps are cleaned after each use, as this too can cause blockage or clogging when it is overflowed. The efficiency of the dryer can also be improved with regular cleaning and maintenance, saving the facility time and money that is not spent on labor and wasted energy. It is important that facility managers are training their staff to notice of any changes in the drying process, or if they smell any musty or burning odor which is also a sign of blockage of the air vents. Addressing these issues as soon as possible will protect your building from a deadly fire.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Have your dryer vents cleaned and maintained by PREVENT Life Safety. PREVENT’s team of experts know the importance of protecting your building against a fire, and use proper procedures to ensure cleanliness and effectiveness. We strive to make the process as simple as possible, while also saving your facility time and money.

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