Fire door recertification? Who do you turn to?
You are feeling quite confident in your fire door assembly’s overall functioning. It has the immaculate ability to close completely, no open holes in the surfaces of the door or frame and you’ve made sure not to make any field modifications. Then, you decide to take a closer look at the label. Suddenly your worst fears are confirmed. The fire door label is completely painted over and illegible. If you have a history of managing a facility with fire doors you know the importance of a door certification label. You complete the inspections, check the repairs off your to-do list but now on top of that you need to acquire a new certification label. Who do you turn to?

Here’s the back story. Fire doors must be certified by an accredited testing laboratory. Usually the laboratory’s certification label is on the doors edge, and is required to include the door’s fire rating. Each and every fire door requires a fire resistance rating. What is a fire-resistance rating? A fire-resistance rating is the duration for which a door can withstand a fire resistance test. In terms of a fire door this is measured by a length of time (eg. 1 ½ hours, 3 hours). The label contains other information as well, such as the manufacturer, whether the opening is equipped with fire exit hardware, and whether the door carries a temperature rise rating or is a smoke door assembly. This label proves to anyone that is inspecting or looking at the door that it has gone through the necessary testing and has the ability to protect the opening.

Watch this video to witness a fire door going through testing for 3 hour fire rating.

Who takes care of re-labeling of doors?

When facility managers choose third party contractors to inspect and repair, they should make sure that these contractors also have direct ties with field labeling services to save time, money, and hassle. This way instead of wasting your time going through three lengthy processes with different contractors, you can get your fire doors completely taken care of in one go. Intertek is the field labeling service with the largest testing lab. Their labels are on most doors manufactured today.

How do you request fire door labels and how long does it take?

One of our certified door technicians, Jon Pitcock, gave us some more insight about the process. “Once the doors have been inspected and repaired to code-compliance, I call Intertek. After that it takes about two weeks to have the labels installed. You’d be surprised how common it is for labels to be missing or painted over. In all of these circumstances the doors need to be re-labeled without delay” Jon said.

What label are we talking about here?!

The Warnock Hersey (WH) Mark. According to Intertek, if your fire door has the WH mark this “indicates compliance with relevant building codes, association criteria, and product safety and performance standards.” The mark signifies that the product’s manufacturing site goes through periodic follow-up inspections to ensure ongoing compliance of the originally certified product.

Unfortunately reapplying a certification label yourself is not an option, only companies like Intertek are able to install labels and they will only do so if the door has been inspected and repaired to the original manufacturing specifications or code compliance. Thankfully there are “headache-free” ways out there to make the process go more smoothly.

Want certified technicians to take care of all your fire door needs, including the re-certification process? Prevent has you covered. Learn more about fire door re-certification.
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