Firestopping and fire door inspection issues: Updates from the joint commission
PREVENT recently attended a mid-year CSHE meeting in Southern California in which George Mills, of The Joint Commission (TJC), spoke and reviewed the Top 6 Most Cited Standards by TJC in the first half of 2011. The results were surprising and we felt that it was important to pass this information along so that our customers and friends are able to maintain their facility’s compliance with life safety code.

The chart below highlights some of the basic standards mentioned that are falling below acceptable levels.

Mills reported that over 46% of facilities inspected were cited for penetrations in fire walls and fire rated doors, which translates into a lack of firestopping installed in required areas and basic fire door maintenance. Fire doors and fire walls are required to be maintained in accordance with IBC, NFPA 80, NFPA 5000, and NFPA 101. Mills stressed that managing barriers and maintaining fire wall integrity is the most important activity for hospital facilities managers to address and also recommended fire door inspections every 6 months, if not more for higher traffic doors, as “basic door maintenance is falling below critical levels.”

He also mentioned the importance of life safety documentation and its on-hand availability; no documentation, means the work has not been done. Make sure to keep your life safety documentation in a safe and accessible location, so that it’s available when it’s time for inspection. Mills also stressed the importance of deficiency resolution regarding life safety citations and issues. Facilities managers have 45 days to take corrective action.

Don’t forget that PREVENT Life Safety addresses your life safety issues quickly and efficiently. We can perform most life safety services, including:

- Fire barrier management programs
- Basic firestopping service
- Fire and smoke damper testing, repair, and inspection
- Fire door inspections and repairs
- Commercial air duct cleaning
- Photoluminescent exit systems and signs installations


Call us at anytime to discuss your needs or request a free quote online. PREVENT Life Safety is on your side and can provide a quick turnaround if you anticipate an inspection.

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