HVAC cleaning & SBS: Simple steps to keeping you occupants healthy
Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a common term used to describe a condition in which many occupants and employees of a building are feeling fatigued or become sick at once due to stressful working environments that can often be caused by poor ventilation. Some possible ailments may include: itchy eyes and nose, sore throat, chronic headaches, and dizziness. When HVAC systems are constantly running, buildup of dust, debris, and sometimes mold can collect along the sides of the ductwork, which is then permeated throughout the building. As these harmful particles are making their way through the ventilation system, they are also infecting the building occupants as they inhale. Taking certain measures to have a clean ventilation system and ceiling area can help your occupants live a happier and healthier life on the job.

Here are two ways facility or property managers can help eliminate SBS:

Ceiling Tile Replacement
Water stained or dirty ceiling tiles could be breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew that are dangerous for occupants to breathe. Once water stains are visible, the bacteria has already had ample time to grow to hazardous levels. Replacing any tiles that are water stained or dirty can help inhibit any further growth of unsafe bacteria, and will ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for occupants of the building. Most types of ceiling tiles are easy and inexpensive to replace while others may be a specialty item. Consult with your life safety company to ask for suggestions on how to replace these tiles.

Air Duct Cleaning
The main culprit for SBS is dirty ventilation and ductwork. When buildup occurs in the ventilation system, the air becomes infiltrated with dust and debris and is unhealthy for those working in the area. When these particles make their way into the lungs, they can carry different infection that may cause a common cold, bronchitis, or worse. Air duct cleaning will break up those dangerous elements, and remove these harmful particles with use of a HEPA filtered vacuum collection. Once the debris has been removed from the ductwork, building occupants will be breathing cleaner air and are less likely to be a target of SBS or airborne infection.

While SBS doesn’t typically affect facilities such as hospitals, it is known to affect medical office buildings, surgery centers, and other commercial buildings. Certain buildings with sensitive areas or occupants with compromised immune systems should take extra steps to avoid SBS, as it would worsen the occupants’ condition or livelihood. Avoid having your building be affected by SBS this upcoming fall and winter seasons by having your air ducts inspected and restored. SBS is known to affect any kind of building, and is likely to be more infectious during fall and winter months when more germs are thriving. While also improving the air quality in your building, air duct cleaning will help reduce energy and maintenance cost of your HVAC system.

Air Duct Cleaning by PREVENT
PREVENT Life Safety can restore your air ducts, so you can prevent SBS from infecting your building. Our technicians are led by NADCA certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS), and use any procedures to ensure cleanliness. We also understand how to work in sensitive areas, which is why we use The Solution Mobile Containment Unit when needed. Lower your risk of SBS and energy costs by schedule an air duct cleaning with PREVENT today. Give us a call at 877-392-6074 or request a free quote online.
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