How can a mobile containment aid in firestopping jobs?
The main purpose of mobile containment is to prevent infection when accessing the ductwork above the ceiling. It is especially used in sensitive areas like operating rooms and intensive care units. Dust, debris, and infectious particles are harbored above-ceiling. When these elements are exposed, they can compromise the well-being of the occupants in the area. However, preventing infection is not the only use for a mobile containment unit. They can be used for many other jobs and purposes in and around a healthcare facility. Today, we are going to focus on how mobile containment can help with firestopping jobs.

Here are some benefits of using mobile containment during firestopping jobs:

Save Time on the Job
When a job calls for firestopping multiple penetrations in a facility, many hours of labor can be added just by having to move materials and tools to each area. Often times, technicians are having to move ladders or make trips back and forth to gather additional materials for each penetration. A hard-sided mobile containment unit can help reduce the time in between by storing all or most materials inside the unit. Plus you can move quickly throughout a facility. Without the extra trips and taking time to move ladders and tools, a job can be finished more quickly, costing the facility less in labor fees.

Keep Work Areas Clean & Tidy
Firestopping materials can create a messy work space. This adds to total labor time if a technician is spending a considerable amount of time cleaning up after each job. Using a mobile containment unit to conduct firestopping will make for easier clean up since the mess and debris from the job is contained to one area inside the unit. Hard-sided units, like The Solution, have easy-to-clean walls so any firestopping caulk can easily be wiped off. This is very important in medical facilities, especially hospitals, since cleanliness is a top priority to maintaining the health of the occupants of the building.

Limit Dust/Debris & Infection
If a firestopping project is in a sensitive environment it is very important to keep the area clean. The goal is to limit the amount of dust and debris that may be caused when moving ceiling tiles to reach problem areas. With a mobile containment unit, particulates will fall into the unit and be filtered through a HEPA-filtration system. Some units have a HEPA system built in, while others have to be manually brought into the unit. This filtration will help keep dust and debris from penetrating the air and potentially causing infection to occupants in the area.

The Solution Mobile Containment Unit
The Solution was designed to prevent infection in facilities. However, it can also be used as a tool to help facility managers maintain the life safety in their building. The Solution is the only mobile containment unit that allows for a quick, one person set up. Our goal was to make The Solution easy and efficient to use. Additional features include storage areas, retractable cord reel, and multiple power outlets offer time-saving convenience. To learn more about how your facility can benefit from The Solution, visit or call 1-800-822-8489.
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