How to choose a fire door contractor
Fire doors offer a convenient yet effective measure against fire emergencies owing to its durability and robustness. In accordance with the building codes stipulated by NFPA, fire doors are the surest way of offering substantial building security, which can relieve a lot of burden for you as a facility manager. It is always advised that you do not attempt to install fire doors yourself, but have it installed by a professional company. This can also be important for fulfilling fire door inspections and fire door recertification objectives. With so many fire door contractors, choosing the right one may seem to be a daunting task for you. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right fire door contractor.

One of the first things you need to look into when hiring a fire door contractor is look at for how long they have been providing fire door installation and related services. Experience is an effective indicator of training and expertise; the longer they have been operating as a business, the more likely they have proficiency in installing fire doors or offering fire door inspections.

Fire Door Contractor Qualifications
However, it can be difficult to judge professionalism and quality of service simply upon the number of years a fire door installation company has been operating as a business. This is why certification is also needed to get a quick insight of their credibility and reputation. With something as important fire doors, only certified company has the permit to offer services. The fact they have a license shows that their contractors have a sufficient amount of skills and expertise in guaranteeing good results.

The fire door installation company should also have knowledge of fire doors in general and particularly, the latest building codes put forth by NFPA. This is extremely important because if the contractor installs a fire door that does not meet the minimum efficiency requirements, it will not offer an adequate level of fire protection. More importantly, it can prevent you from passing fire door inspections and could even force you to pay heavy fines and penalties for not complying with the latest NFPA building codes and regulations.

Track Record
It is also advised that you ask for reviews from previous clients to get a feel of how efficiently the company provided its services and whether clients were pleased with the outcome. A fire door installation company that has a good track record of happy clients is most likely to offer excellent results for your building needs.

The PREVENT Difference
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