How to choose a qualified fire door inspector
Accidents happen, and while we can’t predict them, we can be prepared for them as best as possible. If you’re managing a facility there is a risk of dangerous fire spreads. Fire codes are put in place for these reasons. However, if you want to ensure your building occupants and colleagues are well protected, you need to keep your fire doors – and other fire barrier components – up to code with a qualified fire door inspector.

The Importance of Fire Doors
A fire door is the most basic method of protection against fire spread. Fire doors are a manifestation of several elements that combine together to form a door-set. The door is made from fire-resistant material and engineered to ensure maximum safety. The intumescent strips expand when subjected to heat and seal the gaps in between the door’s edge and the door frame. The spread of both fire and smoke are significantly slowed, giving people time to evacuate the building.

As of July 1, 2016, CMS’s adoption of the 2012 NFPA 101 codes made it mandatory for fire doors to be inspected annually by a qualified fire door inspector and have the proper documentation.

How to Choose a Qualified Fire Door Inspector
Experience and qualifications
When it comes to fire door inspection companies, experience counts. Facilities are subject to fines if their doors are not up-to-code. The fire door inspector should be properly trained and know fire doors inside and out. Choosing a fire door inspection company with experience and qualified fire door inspectors is vital to staying compliant.

Look for License and Insurance
A reputable and reliable fire barrier inspection company will always be licensed and insured. If anything happens on-site, you want to make sure you are covered. The company should also be able to show a contractor’s license in every state they perform work in, when required. Many states also require their license number to be displayed on vehicles. Doing a little research will go a long way.

Fire Door Repairs & Recertification
Many inspections lead to needing repairs done to make the door compliant. Be sure to only hire a company that is also qualified to complete any fire door repairs that need to be made. Furthermore, the company you choose should also be qualified for fire door recertification.

When the Joint Commission or AHJs arrive to check that your fire doors are up-to-code, they will require a complete report that shows a log of each door in the facility along with life safety maps indicating where they are located. This report counts just as much as having a qualified fire door inspector to look at your fire doors. It is recommended that you ask any company you are considering to show you a sample of their reporting.

Finding a qualified fire door inspector is pertinent to keeping your fire doors compliant. Remember, never hesitate to ask questions and get qualifications prior to hire.

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