How to easily meet ICRA requirements with the one-step lift & lock mechanism
Construction, renovation and maintenance activities present a major concern for infection control, because they present a great risk of airborne dust and mold. Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA) save lives by minimizing the risk of spreading or exposing patients to potentially harmful particles that can result in Healthcare Associated Infections. As recommended by the CDC and The Joint Commission, most hospitals require that an ICRA be conducted when significant changes are being made to the environment, community or patient population.

An ICRA allows you to plan out projects with potential health risks in mind, so preventative measure can be taken before any work begins. Conducting an ICRA is a team effort, with involvement of infection control specialists, safety personnel as well as the field technicians who will be performing the work.

The Solution Meets Class III and Class IV ICRA Requirements

Class III and Class IV risks are required to seal the work area from the non-work area during the construction project, while “maintaining negative air pressure within the work site utilizing HEPA equipped air filtration units”.

The Solution Mobile Containment Unit is often utilized as part of the plan created by the ICRA. The Solution seals off the area where the ceiling tiles will be removed and, using the built-in HEPA air filtration unit, creates a negative pressure environment inside the unit. Watch a complete video demonstration of the 38 second One-Step Lift & Lock™ set up of The Solution Mobile Containment Unit here.

Any dust or debris that is disrupted while performing above ceiling construction or maintenance work falls into The Solution Mobile Containment Unit, and is filtered from the air before being released into the surrounding environment, preventing the spread of potentially harmful particles throughout the air.

The Solution easily meets the “Upon Completion of Project” ICRA Requirements as well. The Solution’s hard sides allow for the unit to be vacuumed and wiped down with ease, unlike soft-sided units.

The Solution’s tented top is machine washable for easy cleaning. We also offer a zippered top, to attach to the top of the unit for use in extremely sensitive areas such as ICUs. The door of The Solution unit also contains an exterior documentation pouch allowing for complete visibility of ICRA documentation even when the unit is in use.

Easily Comply With ICRA Requirements With The Solution Mobile Containment Unit
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