How to extend the lifespan of your fire doors

The average lifespan of doors, frames, and hardware depends on their use. Fire doors have different demands depending on their location, and the role of that room. For example, a door leading to the stair well will open and close more frequently than a door to a server room.

What is the average life span of a fire door?
According to the Door Security & Safety Foundation:

High Frequency Use
400-5,000 Cycles per day or 118,00 to 1,500,000 per year
3 to 7 years

Ordinary Use
50 to 200 cycles per day or 18,000 to 75,000 per year
7 to 15 years

Low Frequency Use
1 to 20 cycles per day or 300 to 7,000 per year
Can last up to the lifetime of the building

How can you extend the life of your fire doors?

Any number of external factors can put strain on your door assembly in ways that it was not designed to handle, leading to a shortened lifespan of your door, but simple repairs and maintenance can help counteract this abuse.

Repairs can also be made simply to upgrade your door and extend its lifespan. Door hardware is continuously improving and evolving with technology. New generation door hardware can be an effective way for facility managers to decrease long term maintenance costs. Little investments in hardware replacements and upgrades can go a long way in extending the life span of your doors. The new and improved door hardware can offer greater durability and reduced maintenance frequency.

There are a few common corrective actions such as upgrading your hinges that can help extend the life of your doors, and prevent complete replacement.

Replacing Worn Out Hardware – hinges, locks, latches, door closers and more.
Shimming Hinges to Adjust Door Clearances
Replacing Broken Glazing Materials
Replacing Small Parts – end caps, covers, strike plates.
Tightening Fasteners or Replacing Fasteners
Also, as you all know repairs to fire doors must be completed without delay. Find more tips on ensuring fire door compliance here.

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