Infection cancels almost 200 surgeries - How to avoid HAI's in your facility
Healthcare-related Infections (HAI’s) is a four-letter word in the healthcare industry. Every person in the facility needs to do their part with infection control. This especially includes in-house and contract maintenance workers. About 5% of HAI’s are construction and maintenance related.

HAI’s Can Happen Anywhere
Just this morning a scary headline appeared in my news feed: “Hospital axes almost 200 operations over infection scare while specialist cleaning takes place”

Can you imagine this happening at your facility? Could your facility recover?

Although many contractors and facilities personnel are aware of the risk involved with HAIs, setting up the appropriate barriers can be time consuming and bothersome, especially in occupied areas where they need to be mobile. It is extremely important to use mobile containment units when performing any above-ceiling work.

How Does The Solution Help Prevent HAI’s?
The Solution Mobile Containment Unit creates a negative-pressure environment that can be used for all above-ceiling projects. The built-in fan and HEPA filter ensures that dust is filtered avoiding patient exposure. Any potentially harmful particulates from the ceiling are now contained.

The Solution can be used again and again and is easy to use. It has been used for maintenance items such as IT & cabling work, air duct cleaning & repair, electrical & lighting work, firestopping, replacing ceiling tiles, fire damper inspections, and much more.

Watch this video to see how it works.

What other measures are you taking to ensure patient safety?
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