Is a fire barrier management plan right for your facility?
We all know that maintaining all components of a fire barrier system can be a challenge – especially when you have so many additional responsibilities. In fact, one of the most common phone calls we receive at PREVENT are the panicked ones that sound something like “The Joint Commission is coming and I need my facility inspected right away!” Setting up a Fire Barrier Management Plan with PREVENT is like having a life safety guru on your staff. Your custom plan will keep your facility compliant while saving you time and money.

How a Fire Barrier Management Plan Benefits Your Facility
Inspection Ready
Each aspect of your fire barrier has different inspection requirements. For example, your fire damper inspection might occur every 6 years, however, fire doors are done annually. PREVENT will keep track of all your inspection dates and make sure you are compliant.
Budget Friendly
One of the biggest advantages to creating a custom Fire Barrier Management plan with PREVENT is how much money you are able to save. When you bundle your services, you get a lower rate per service. Plus, you can lock in today’s rate for the entire term of your contract.
Always Compliant
Staying code compliant is vital to keeping your facility safe for its occupants. Each inspection includes detailed, easy-to-read reporting that the Joint Commission or AHJ requires. Therefore, worrying about your next inspection will be a thing of the past.
Gain peace of mind when you take advantage of all the benefits of a custom fire barrier management plan. PREVENT will manage each fire barrier component you include in your plan and keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

PREVENT has you covered. We were the first in the industry to offer all three fire barrier services. With our years of experience, we know how to keep your facility safe and compliant.
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