Keep your fire dampers up to code
Fire dampers are a life safety issue. They keep smoke and flames from spreading throughout a building, saving lives and preventing unnecessary injury, in case of a fire.

Codes and Regulations

The Joint Commission, the regulatory agency that accredits hospitals, requires that in-patient hospitals inspect their dampers every six (6) years. For non-inpatient care buildings, such as medical office buildings and out-patient surgery centers, the requirement is every four (4) years. Anything newly installed such as a new wing or a renovation must be inspected within 12 months.

Most facility staffs are busy enough, keeping their fire dampers inspected and up to code often falls on the back burner. That’s where an outside services group can be helpful and save labor and repetitive work. We can help you make sure your dampers are up to code and working correctly.

Inspection Process

The first step is to physically inspect your dampers. The most conscientious contractors use specialized portable infection control units. At Prevent our containment unit called The Solution gives us ceiling access and ensures that dirt and debris stay contained within the unit — and all outer air flow is filtered, through the built-in HEPA unit. (See more on “The Solution”)

After the Inspection – Addressing Repairs

We recommend, and the Joint Commission requires that any deficiencies found in the fire dampers inspection process require immediate repairs. If we find a deficiency or something not working correctly, we’ll address it immediately. Our team can mobilize in less than 24 hours, meeting your needs whether it’s at night or on the weekend.

Prevent is one of the few inspection companies licensed to do fire damper repairs. We can typically do any type of repair, from routine fixes such as replacing actuators, cutting access to more complex corrections.

Compliance Reporting

To keep you in compliance with key regulatory agencies such as The Joint Commission or CMS, detailed reporting should be provided. Prevent provides detailed daily logs of all inspections indicating any problem areas or repair needs. In addition, we provide an annotated copy of your floor plans indicating damper locations inspected. Both are helpful documents to support your Joint Commission review process.

Take Action

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