Keeping your fire dampers up to code
Fire dampers are a major part of your fire barrier system. They keep smoke and flames from spreading throughout a building. In case of a fire, they can save lives and prevent unnecessary injury or smoke inhalation. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your dampers up-to-code and functioning properly. Here’s a guide to keeping your dampers compliant:

Codes and Regulations
The Joint Commission (TJC), the regulatory agency that accredits hospitals, requires that in-patient hospitals inspect their dampers every six (6) years. For non-inpatient care buildings, such as medical office buildings and out-patient surgery centers, the requirement is every four (4) years. Anything newly installed such as a new wing or a renovation must be inspected within 12 months.

Most facility staff are busy enough, keeping their fire dampers inspected and up-to-code often falls on the back burner. In addition, many facilities have hundreds of dampers in hard-to-access places. Outsourcing your fire damper maintenance can not only save you time but save you money and manpower.

Inspection Process
The first step is to physically inspect your dampers. They need to be clear, unobstructed and functioning properly. The Joint Commission requires that any deficiencies found in the fire dampers inspection process require immediate repairs. For example, if a PREVENT team finds a deficiency or something not working correctly, it is addressed immediately.

Be sure that whomever you choose to inspect/repair your fire dampers is licensed to do so. The last thing you want is to have to hire another company to re-inspect all of your dampers.

Infection Prevention
The most conscientious contractors make infection prevention a priority in sensitive areas. When you access anything above the ceiling you risk unleashing potentially harmful particulates. Mobile containment units pull all dust and debris into the unit. Then outer air flow is filter with a HEPA filtration system. Learn more about PREVENT’s containment unit of choice, The Solution.

Compliance Reporting
To keep you in compliance with key regulatory agencies such as TJC or CMS, detailed reporting is essential. Having clear, easy-to-read maps that indicate where all of your dampers are located is key to passing official inspections.

Compliance Made Easy
PREVENT is the original fire barrier maintenance company. We have inspected hundreds of thousands of fire dampers, some in the toughest-to-reach places. Call today to discuss any of your fire damper, fire door and firestopping needs. Our team can mobilize in less than 24 hours, keeping you compliant, whether it’s at night or on the weekend.
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