Mobile containment saves lives
The CDC estimates that 1.7 million patients acquire infections during their stay at a hospital. Of these 1.7 million patients, over 5% of them acquire Healthcare Associated Infections (or HAIs) which can be attributed or connected to construction or maintenance related work being done in the facility; that’s over 85,000 people. These infections increase patient care costs by over $4.5 billion per year.

What causes HAIs to result from maintenance and construction work in hospitals?
When performing construction and/or maintenance work in a hospital, workers are often required to access areas above the ceiling in order to pull cable, work on the HVAC system, etc. While working, they often disturb dust and other particles which would otherwise be lying dormant. Dust and microorganisms, such as fungal and mold spores, naturally accumulate in the ceiling over time. If not properly contained, these particles can spread throughout the building into occupied patient areas. These microorganisms are harmless to healthy people, but can cause infections in immune-compromised patients of the hospital.

Aspergillus is a mold, found naturally present in the air and remains viable in dry locations such as air ducts. Inhaling Aspergillus causes Aspergillosis in immune-compromised patients, one of the most common HAIs attributed to construction & maintenance-related work. This infection can prove fatal for those unable to fight it off. However, it is highly-preventable.

How can these infections be prevented?
To prevent the spread of potentially dangerous particles, it is extremely important for anyone doing construction or maintenance to contain their work area. Establishing negative pressure in a contained work area, where air is filtered before being released into the surrounding environment, ensures that any particles stirred up by work are trapped within the work area.

Mobile containment units are the most effective way to prevent the spread of infectious particles when working above the ceiling. Containment units help you comply with ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) guidelines by containing the work area and maintaining negative pressure with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter.

The Most Efficient & Effective Mobile Containment Unit
The Solution line of mobile containment units was developed based off the first-hand experience of the technicians at PREVENT Life Safety. As a life safety services contractor, PREVENT’s technicians are continually working above-ceiling in sensitive environments and need an effective and durable unit for containment.

This lead to the creation of The Solution, which we have strived to make the easiest and most effective containment unit on the market. The Solution separates itself from the competition with its One-Step Lift & Lock Mechanism™. This key feature allows for the unit to be set-up and fully operable by one person in 38 seconds or less. Watch here.

At PREVENT, we understand the importance of infection control in order to prevent HAIs, which is why we continue to use The Solution on every job, at no additional cost to our customers. We also make sure that every unit is DOP tested to ensure it is functioning at optimal efficiency.

To find out more about The Solution or to acquire one for your facility contact us at 877-392-6074 or visit our website:
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