Prevent's customer portal makes reports accessible 24/7

Prevent Life Safety’s new customer portal is our newest service feature, helping customers access their reports whenever they need them. Imagine having an AHJ arriving at your facility to inspect your fire dampers and you can’t seem to find your report from six years ago (or there’s a page missing), what do you do? We get phone calls for missing reports quite frequently. Of course, we are happy to locate it, however, many times the report is too big to be e-mailed. Our new portal solves this problem.

Prevent Customer Portal features
Easy to use – Prevent Life Safety’s customer portal allows you to easily view and download your reports as needed.
Files can be viewed on any device – Your reports can be viewed from your computer, tablet, phone from anywhere in your facility that has Wi-Fi.
Large file-friendly – Send or receive your maps and reports without size restriction.
Makes files available to access 24/7 – The secure portal allows access to your files any time, day or night.
View Prevent’s promotions – View current promotions on fire barrier maintenance services.
Paperless reporting option – The digital portal is an opportunity to use less paper and preserve our trees.


The new portal is an automatic, free service feature for all new projects. Each facility will have their reports in one place, categorized by service.

Additionally, we are happy to be able to offer an environmentally-friendly option for our reporting.

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