Read this before you hang that sign...
Keep Closed”, “Do Not Block”, and “Emergency Exit”, are signs that are typically placed on fire doors to ensure the fire door is code compliant at all times. These signs are essential to instructing and reminding building occupants on proper use of the door. BUT, did you know that there are regulations for the types of signage you can place on your fire doors?

Not just any sign can be used, for example advertisements such as these, are not allowed on fire doors. Section 4.1.4 of NFPA 80, provides specific instructions for the type of signs allowed on fire doors, as well as regulations for how it can be attached to the fire door.

NFPA 80 4.1.4
Informational signs shall be permitted to be installed on the surfaces of fire doors in accordance with the following requirements ( to

The total area of all attached signs shall not exceed 5% of the area of the face of the fire door to which they are attached
Signs shall be attached to fire doors by use of an adhesive
Mechanical attachments such as screw or nails shall not be permitted
Signs shall not be installed on glazing material in fire doors
Signs shall not be installed on the surface of fire doors so as to impair or otherwise interfere with the proper operation of the fire door.

Why would the amount signs on a fire door matter?
The surface area of signs is limited in order to limit the potential fuel load of a fire. Signs that are attached to a door, will also catch fire and thus create additional fuel for the fire to feed on. This is why it is critical that signs are not attached with screw, but adhesive. A sign that is attached by screws would not fall off, and would continue to burn in place connected to the door. If a sign is attached by adhesive, the adhesive will melt quickly and the sign will fall off the door, reducing the fuel load.

Where should I put my signs?
Having informational signs on your fire doors is important for informational purposes, but can be dangerous if not mounted per NFPA code. Mounting the signage on the adjacent wall is an excellent alternative to avoid attaching signage to fire door assemblies. Wall-mounted signage is not subject to the same limitations as door-mounted signage.

PREVENT’s Technicians are Door & Hardware Experts
If you have doors that are questionable for compliance or just don’t have time for your annual inspections, PREVENT can help. Our team of fire door experts, including our Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) fire door inspector, know the ins and outs of NFPA 80 fire door regulations and can determine if your fire doors are in need of repair, perform code-required annual inspections, and/or restore your doors to code-compliant conditions. Have questions on your fire doors? Give us a call today! 877-392-6074.
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