The SOLUTION to airborne infections
Do You Know Where Your MDRO’s Are?
In addition to considerations for dealing with with Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs), one of the top concerns expressed by medical professionals managing infection prevention and control at medical facilities is the spread of Aspergillus contamination among critically ill patients. Aspergillus can be found in HVAC systems and contaminated dust that is disturbed during the maintenance or construction process. Aspergillus has also been found in unfiltered air, carpeting, food and ornamental plants in hospital settings.

These spore reservoirs have been specifically linked to under-maintained HVAC systems, which makes it critically important to establish a regular schedule of air duct cleaning. The HVAC system cleaning needs to be conducted by a highly trained professional expert in medical facility ventilation systems to prevent the spread of these dangerous spores. This is a first line of defense in the on-going war against hospital caused infections. Experienced operators of HVAC cleaning services will be able to manage air duct cleaning activities in the medical facility with the least amount of disruption to patients and staff.

Our company has developed a unique approach to ceiling accessed cleaning that creates a sealed airspace. By using our patented Solution Containment Unit, we are able isolate and filter the contaminated air through HEPA filters before it is released back into the hospital environment. The Solution™ Mobile Containment Unit also allows for minimal impact to facility operations around the workspace, allowing typical activities to resume as normal during the cleaning process.
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