What are the benefits of fire barrier management plans?

What Are the Benefits of Fire Barrier Management Plans?
Maintaining components of fire barrier system might turn out to be quite challenging. This is particularly true in case you have lots of additional responsibilities. Fire barriers are of utmost use as they help to prevent toxic gases, fire and smoke from spreading throughout the facility. All components are there to help to get people out safely by delaying the spread of fire so the facility can be easily evacuated.

Various studies have shown that if there’s any fault in fire barriers, it can cost life of an innocent. Therefore, proper maintenance of your fire doors, fire dampers and fire-rated walls is very important. Plus, regular checkups keep your facility compliant.

How to Ensure Your Fire Barrier is Compliant

Creating a Maintenance Plan

Setting up a fire barrier maintenance plan can be very effective, particularly in places where there’re lots of unknown and unaddressed penetrations. It gives you the opportunity to divide the facility into sections/zones/floors and tackle them on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This will help in keeping your facility code-compliant.

Detailed Reports and Drawings

It is important that have detailed reports available for the Joint Commission survey. On January 1, 2018, these reports now must include fire door maintenance, as well. Upon inspection, you need to show your maintenance log and how any failed components were repaired. Additionally, it is important to note that fire code compliance is taken very seriously and facilities can face serious fines or be temporarily shut down if it’s deemed unsafe.

Benefits of a Fire Barrier Management Plan

Preparation for Inspection

Each part of fire barrier system needs to be inspection-ready per their individual requirements. For instance, fire dampers need to be inspected every 4-6 years, while fire doors are required to be done on an annual basis. A fire barrier management plan will help you to be prepared for any fire safety inspection.

Helps in Organizational Safety

A fire barrier management plan will also help you to meet your organization’s safety goals. If there is a fire emergency, you need your system working seamlessly. That includes your fire barrier, along with photoluminescent exits and signs. Once again, the main goal is the safety of everyone in the building.


Having a clear management plan allows you to budget and plan for maintenance expenses. Plus, when you sign up for multiple services, you can typically save money per service. Therefore, knowing ahead of time what you will need throughout the year can get you the best deal and times available.

In conclusion, aim to start your 2018 off the right way and create your fire barrier management plan.

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