What makes the Solution unique?

The Solution Mobile Containment Unit is designed to enhance and simplify Infection Control during maintenance and construction projects that require above ceiling work. The Solution was designed with the contractors and maintenance personnel in mind, based on our experiences working in the field on fire damper inspections and firestopping projects. We found the need for a durable containment unit that was simple enough for one man to operate, this led to the efficient and effective containment unit you know today.

What makes The Solution unique compared to other infection control units?
30 Second Set-up By One Person – The Solution’s one man set-up takes 38 seconds from the second you wheel the unit into position to the second you’re working above ceiling. In less than one minute, one person can:

- Lock the non-marking casters in place.
- Pull the 25 ft retractable power-cord and plug the unit into the wall.
- Utilizing the One-Step Lift & Lock Mechanism, raising the tented top to the ceiling in one swift movement.
- Create a fully contained, work space with HEPA air filtration.


The Solution is the fastest and most efficient mobile containment unit on the market. Saving you time and manpower. Watch the complete 38-second setup here.

Arrives Fully Assembled with HEPA Filtration System – There is little to no assembly required when you use The Solution Mobile Containment Unit. The unit arrives ready to go at your facility, all you need to do is attach the Velcro skirt and move it into place. Every Solution Mobile Containment Unit has a built-in HEPA air filtration system. You don’t have to worry about purchasing additional parts or enhancement options, our unit is all inclusive.

Durable Design – The Solution line of Mobile Containment Units are constructed with powder-coated sheet metal. Unlike plastic or fabric soft-sided units that can rip or tear with use, The Solution’s hard sides are durable and can be wiped down easily for quick clean up. Our skirt for the tented top, can be easily replaced and machine washed without compromising the use of the entire unit.

Variable CFM rate – The Solution is operated by a variable power switch inside the unit, providing a “High,” “Low,” and “Off” option. The “High” setting operates at around 750 CFM for more air exchanges in a shorter period of time. This is the most effective option for infection control. However, when working in areas where patients may be disturbed or noise may be a problem, the “Low” option provides a much quieter operation while still functioning at around 450 CFM.

The Solution Sets Itself Apart From The Crowd
Save time, with our fully assembled all inclusive, durable, mobile containment unit. The Solution is ideal for any work space. The Solution comes in two different sizes, The Solution 10—reaches 10 foot ceilings, and The Solution 13—reaches 13 foot ceilings. Compare models or request a quote!

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