You have had your fire doors inspected. What is next?

It has been repeated over and over that NFPA 80 5.5.1 states, “Repairs shall be made, and defects that could interfere with operation shall be corrected without delay.”

Simply inspecting your fire doors is not enough. The next step is the one that saves lives!

Fire Door Repairs
You have received the results of your fire door inspection, now it is time to make the necessary repairs to ensure your building occupants are safe in the face of a fire, while also meeting code requirements. Failure to properly maintain fire door assemblies in operating condition violates building and fire codes. In fact, according to NFPA 80 any deficiencies noted during the inspection process must be repaired “without delay”.

What are some common fire door repairs?
Here are a few of the most common fire door repairs our technicians see:

Adjust and/or fix gaps between the door and the frame minimizing the amount of smoke that can pass through
Replace or repair fire door seals
Replace missing or broken hardware
Fix holes in the frame and/or fire door


But there are limitations to the repairs that can be performed in the field. NFPA 80 limits job site preparation of fire doors to holes for surface applied hardware, function holes for mortise locks, and holes for labeled viewers. Field modifications beyond what is allowed by NFPA 80 may void the label on your fire door, and require re-certification of the assembly. Re-certification must be performed by a labeling agency such as Intertek, PREVENT can coordinate with Intertek to ensure your doors are recertified.

If you don’t have time to repair your fire doors, or would like a little help from the experts you can turn to PREVENT Life Safety.

Let The Experts Handle Your Fire Door Repairs
PREVENT Life Safety Services has the fire door expertise to ensure your fire doors are repaired correctly. We have an Intertek Qualified Personnel (IQP) Fire Door Inspector on staff that leads our team of experienced technicians. Our field technicians are door hardware experts are well versed in fire door hardware and will ensure that your fire doors are repaired properly and are ready to operate successfully in either an AHJ inspection or an actual fire. We have years of experience in fire doors, and work around your schedule to ensure your repairs are completed in a timely manner.

Take advantage of our promotion! Schedule a fire door inspection with PREVENT before April 30th, and get 10 fire doors inspected FREE for every 200 fire doors inspected.

Schedule your annual door inspections with PREVENT and receive thorough inspection complete with detailed reports perfect for any AHJ. PREVENT can also repair your doors in no time, or help you coordinate re-certification of existing fire door assemblies.

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