Are you managing compliance or is compliance managing you?

On average, there is an estimated 5,700 fires in medical facilities per year.*


Hospital fire

Today's compliance programs are a constant, reactionary doom loop.

1. Costly - Consistently high repetitive costs year over year.

2. Recurring - Focusing on symptoms vs root cause

3. Non-compliant - Facilities consistently have high failure rates.

4. Slow - Month or longer to complete & document repairs

5. Risky - Safety, Compliance & Reputation


REMEDI8 makes a difference.

1. Cost-Effective - REMEDI8 reduces costs year over year.

2. Proactive - Focuses on root causes vs symptoms

3. Safe & Compliant - Reduced failure rates year over year.

4. Sustainable - Regularly completing & documenting repairs

5. Trust - Keeps facilities & reputation safe with compliance

Real-time Interactive Tracking and Predictive Analytics

REMEDI8's process does not wait until things are broken only to fix them. Our system uses real-time interactive information to make calculated information-based decisions.
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