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Fire Barrier Management
We’re experts in what we do – managing your fire barrier systems and ensuring they meet all the requirements of the current fire and building codes. And especially in providing the legal documentation you need to stay compliant.
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"We've been using PREVENT for a number of years...very pleased with their consistency, the quality of their work, and the professionalism of their staff."

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Long-Term Compliance Programs
We’ll design a program that specifically suits your facility, answers all your needs, and maximizes your budget. Affordable, long-term quality care to take the work and worry off your shoulders.
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"PREVENT was very responsive, organized and knowledgeable..."

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Life Safety Drawings & Plans
This should be your top priority – plans detailing your life safety systems as required by accrediting agencies to ensure the general welfare and safety of building occupants.
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"Any questions that we may have, PREVENT has the answers."

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Reporting & Documentation
A comprehensive compliance report is absolutely critical to passing inspections and maintaining accreditation. There is no room for error.
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"Completed binder and mapping is impressive...a formalized report that can be used indefinitely."

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