Fire Barrier Management
  • Fire Doors Inspection
    Fire Doors
    Fire doors are a critical and highly complex component of an effective fire barrier system. PREVENT provides highly technical and certified inspections for your fire door system.
  • Fire Damper Inspection
    Fire Dampers
    Fire, smoke, and combination dampers often comprise the largest component part of the fire barrier system. PREVENT has extensive experience in inspecting and testing all types of fire dampers, smoke dampers, and fire/smoke combination dampers. 
  • Firestopping tech
    Maintaining the integrity of fire-rated walls is fundamental to minimizing the spread of smoke and fire. PREVENT will help preserve your fire walls’ structural defenses to comply with the current regulations.

Accuracy & Reliability

Fire Barrier Management technicians
PREVENT specializes in fire barrier management and fire code compliance within healthcare environments.
Working with engineers, owners, facility and property managers - PREVENT understands the ongoing fire barrier management and inspection demands within a busy public facility. While keeping current with NFPA code changes and specialist knowledge, PREVENT performs the necessary inspections, maintenance and repairs to your fire-rated barriers.

Our staff consists of fire and life safety code experts, along with highly qualified and certified technicians who are well versed in both the complexities and the nuances of fire code compliance and fire barrier management.
We conduct comprehensive surveys, make the necessary repairs and – most importantly – provide you with the documentation needed to ensure that you pass your inspections while remaining fully compliant as mandated by law.
PREVENT works with all passive fire barrier systems: fire doors, firestopping, and fire dampers, as well as additional facility work as required (air duct cleaning, mechanical systems restoration, cable compliance, etc.)

Our Guarantee

You can be confident in our expertise, and in the execution of our work.
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