Fire Doors

Fire Door Inspections, Repairs & Re-certification

Fire Doors Inspection
PREVENT provides highly technical and certified inspections for your fire door system.

Fire doors are a critical and highly complex component of an effective fire barrier system. They are necessary to limit the spread of flames, smoke, and toxic fumes through active compartmentalization, and to provide safe passage and protection for building occupants.


NFPA 80 requires that door assemblies be inspected annually by qualified persons, and 2012 NFPA 101 stipulates that all inspections must be fully documented and presented on request.

Our certified door technicians will conduct the multi-point inspection of all door assemblies as prescribed by the fire code, produce a detailed report of the current condition, and submit a formal recommendation for necessary repairs. We can immediately remedy any failures, re-test, and provide the required documentation to keep your facility up to code.

Complete fire door services from PREVENT include:

  • Annual Fire Door Inspections
  • Repairs to Non-Compliant Fire Door Assemblies
  • Recertification of Existing Fire Door Assemblies

Our comprehensive report will serve to document the inspection and repairs for presentation to the Joint Commission, and will include:

  • Life Safety Plans with Door Locations
  • Pass/Fail Inspection Logs
  • Reasons for Failures
  • Repairs Made to Non-Compliant Doors

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