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When it comes to your air quality, PREVENT has the highest of standards – YOURS.

Maintaining your HVAC system saves energy, prolongs the life of your system and most of all, cleans the air that you breathe. Plus if you are having air flow issues, air duct cleaning may be a solution.

In addition, if cleaning your ductwork and air handling unit is not enough, PREVENT will restore your entire system to proper working condition.

Your Ductwork Cleaning and Restoration Team

PREVENT performs Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Systems Restoration quickly and efficiently on your time schedule, while minimizing the impact on your buildings daily activities. Our experienced technicians are friendly and professional, as well as understanding of facility needs and schedules. Plus, PREVENT has an NADCA Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) and Ventilation System Mold Remediator on staff.

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Infection Control and Healthcare Knowledge and Experience

As much as our team is careful in any facility, we have extensive training and experience working in sensitive healthcare environments. We follow strict infection control procedures and specialize in cleaning sensitive areas such as surgical suites, ICUs, and laboratories. We understand the importance of patients and schedules and are flexible in working around the facility’s needs and schedule. Therefore our technicians are available 24/7 to get the job done when it’s convenient for you.

PREVENT has you covered:

  • Ductwork Cleaning (supply, return or exhaust) 
  • Cleaning of Air Handling Unit
  • System Restoration

“I choose Prevent time and time again because they are a responsive company who knows their stuff!” ~Daniel Rodriguez, Simpex Grinnel

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