11 Fireworks Safety Tips

11 Fireworks Safety Tips

11 Fireworks Safety Tips

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Fireworks in July symbolize our freedom. We all gather together to celebrate, maybe have a cookout and enjoy some fireworks. Although their colors and amazing patterns are attractive and the activity itself is exciting, it is vital to keep fireworks safety in mind every step of the way.

Thousands of Americans have been victims of firework injuries (such as burns, missing fingers, etc.) due to recklessness while enjoying the activity. Not to worry, below is a complete guide for you to follow for a safe celebration.

Fireworks Safety: 11 tips to Enjoy Your Celebration Responsibly

  1. For your safety and protection, make sure you purchase your fireworks from a reliable vendor and follow the instructions religiously. Always purchase legal recreational fireworks that are designed for casual fireworks instead of professional ones. You can identify professional fireworks from the packaging as they come in brown packages.
  2. Keep a strict check on the kids around to ensure your safety during fireworks. Children tend to get overexcited and might get dangerously close to the firework sparks. Always make sure the kids are at a safe distance from the crackles.
  3. Aerial fireworks should only be an approved activity under adult supervision. According to experts, the heat radiation of fireworks is almost 2,000 degrees, a temperature at which numerous metals can be melted. It is urged to supervise your children when igniting fireworks, safely.
  4. Make sure you choose an area that is clear of trees, shrubs and dry grass to set off your fireworks. The high heat can easily cause a fire.
  5. Never have a lit firework close to your body. Immediately back away from the ignited firework.
  6. Fireworks Safety
    Keep sparklers as far away from the body as possible.

    It is important to note that ensuring maximum fireworks safety also requires smart work. If your firework was only half ignited, do not rekindle it. Let the item be, even if its costs you a couple of bucks.

  7. Even if your firework has already burnt out, do not immediately pick it up. The chemical elements inside the fireworks remain active for a couple of minutes and may cause skin burn. Plus it will likely still be too hot to touch.
  8. Never throw fireworks at another person. We’ve seen many instances that start off as pranks and end in permanent injury.
  9. When the fireworks are blazing, make sure you have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher with you in case of a fire spread to maintain your firework safety. See which fire extinguisher is best for fireworks in our article, Top 5 Fire Types and How to Extinguish Them.
  10. Always ignite fireworks one at a time. If you light too many at once, you increase the chances of losing control of where your sparks are flying.
  11. Lastly, never blast fireworks in glass or metal containers for a full impact. This might result in serious injury when the metal or glass shoots down below.

Everyone wants to celebrate an occasion of utmost happiness such as Independence Day or New Years. If you’re planning on enjoying some fireworks, make sure you do so without risking the lives of those around you! With these tips, you can easily ensure the fireworks safety of your beloveds and yourself!

*Check to see which fireworks are legal in your county before purchasing or igniting them.



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