7 Ways to Avoid Grill Fires

7 Ways to Avoid Grill Fires

7 Ways to Avoid Grill Fires

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7 Ways to Avoid Grill Fires

Summer means lots of fun, family bonding, vacationing and the best part? The food! Grilling is inevitable in summers. Sure, this activity is almost as harmless as a fly, but can turn dangerous very quickly.

This summer, when you gear up to bring your grilling A-game, be sure to include a fire safety plan that includes measures to prevent a fire and ways to extinguish it quickly. Here are seven ways in which you can play it safe and make the most out of your gas grills!

1.     Keeping a distance

A wayward fire situation in a gas or a fire grill is not an alien concept. In fact, there have been plenty of times where a grill fire flamed beyond control and caused several damages to the people grilling or the property around. In all these cases, it was noticed that the grill was placed in a covert place such as on the porch, patio, and balcony, etc.

To avoid grill fires, always place the grill at a distant location.

2.     Trim excess fat

A great piece of grilling meat has a good marble texture. We need that fat to keep the meat moist and give us good flavor. However, if the meat is too fatty, it will cause flareups that can cause serious injury. Trim any excess fat prior to cooking. It’s always a good idea to keep a spray bottle within reach to stop flareups before they get too big.

3.     Keep it outside

As mentioned before, gas and charcoal grills require an overt location so that the smoke accumulation is prevented. In cases where the property caught fire was when the grill was kindled inside the kitchen.

To prevent grill fire from burning your house down, say no to grills inside your house. This includes any sun rooms, covered patios and garages.

4.     Never abandon it

Grilling is a risky job and needs someone to tend to it almost as long as the fire blazes. Often, properties catch fire because the grill was abandoned and children or pets knocked over the grilling stand.

To prevent a grill fire, make sure you never abandon it.

5.     Keep it clean

Over the course, constant use of grill pans might cause some grease or fatty particles to stick to the grill. These hardened pieces must be scraped off with a wire brush before reusing the grill to prevent grease flareups. It’s easiest to do it while it’s still hot.

To avoid grill fires, do a deep cleaning on your grill 2-3 times per year.

6.     Close inspection

Before using a gas grill, you must inspect the propane tank. Although everything might seem to be perfectly normal, we sometimes fail to realize scrutinize tiny holes or loosened hoses that might result in gas leakage. A gas leakage right next to a flaming item will definitely cause a grill fire.

Learn how to check your propane tank with this video from NFPA.org

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7.     Delay clean up

Once you have finished grilling, you need to give the grill time to cool before clean up. For gas grills, if you put the cover back on too soon, it will melt and potentially catch fire. For charcoal grills, it can take a while for the coals to cool. Carefully empty the ashes into a metal pail and hose down before discarding.

Our Prevent family wishes you and your family a great grilling summer!


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