9 Ways to Keep Your Campfire Safe

9 Ways to Keep Your Campfire Safe

9 Ways to Keep Your Campfire Safe

Campfire SafetyVacations are all about bonding with your family and friends, or with yourself. Whether it’s summer or winter camping, who doesn’t love a crackling campfire? From sharing our lives to ghost stories to making s’mores, it all happens around the fire.

Campfires play a vital role in warming up your memories, but they must be tackled with caution. Campfires and nature don’t always agree with each other. They can ruin a trip, cause damage or even cause serious injury to a friend or family member.

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To ensure you have a safe and sound vacation time, whether you go to the beach or just chill in your backyard, we have compiled nine authentic ways in which you can keep your campfire activity environmental-friendly:

  1. Campfires and camping happen year-round. The weather may be hot or cold but be sure to not start a fire if there are high winds. Embers and burning debris can be whisked away onto nearby dry twigs, leaves or your belongings.
  2. Your campfire should be restricted to a certain circumference. The ring should be created on a non-flammable surface such as dirt or sand instead of a grass or leaves. Consider gathering larger rocks to line the perimeter.
  3. Make sure you build your campfire at a safe distance from your tent and other flammable items.
  4. When building your campfire, it is always good to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. To ensure a safety, you should always begin igniting the tinier pieces of woods such as twigs and sticks and allow them to catch fire. Once done, gradually add in more wood until you reach the desired intensity.
  5. Another step to a safe campfire build is to organize the wood in a square shape and allow the fire to burn under them. This way, the fire remains constrained.
  6. Never use fuel to start your fire. Fuel make work great initially, however, the fire can get out of control very quickly. Plus, you run the risk of the accelerants being mishandled, leading to serious injuries.
  7. Never leave a campfire unattended. It is a live, burning fire can be very unpredictable.
  8. In the event that a campfire does get out of control, make sure you are prepared with a bucket of water and/or fire extinguisher. This way, if the fire gets out of control, you could easily defuse it and protect those around you.
  9. Children and pets should always be at a safe distance from the campfire. They simply don’t know better and can injure themselves or accidentally knock over burning wood and spread the fire.

This camping trip, have a safe and sound campfire with your family and friends!

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