Fire Barrier Management - Escape Room - Scottsdale OfficeSECRET AGENTS WIN ESCAPE ROOM

With 5:48 to spare, our President, SoCal/AZ Operations Manager and Scottsdale office solved The Agency room! Before beginning the escape room, our marketing department gave each a spy name and backstory. With a lot of teamwork and a little bit of luck…..we escaped with our secret identities still intact.

Scottsdale staffers: Ryan and Joe from our film studio. Eileen and Kacy in our marketing department. Carson, Phil and Tyler from our field team.

Operations Manager: Matt Henry, from our SoCal office. President: Jodi Clem, from our NorCal office.

Our spy team included: Neon Lizard, Beaver Harmony, Johnny Fedora, Soiled Dove, Ruby Ninja/Hard Jupiter, Gunner Thunderball, Shadow Squirrel, Red Punish and Winchester Bond.