Martha Mitcheom | Kyle Feltis | Nick Brown | Eric Allen

Congratulations to our Employees of the Quarter for Q3! Our #PREVENTFAMILY continues to grow and excel – not only in delivering top-notch services to our partners, but also in terms of being great co-workers. We are proud to celebrate the accomplishments of these members of the team as noted by their managers.


Meet Martha – Accounting, Payroll, and A/P – Northern California Office

Our back-office employee of the quarter for Q3 is Martha. Martha has been with Prevent for 25 years and has been handling our payroll all that time. She is dependable, trustworthy, and does not hesitate to jump in and make sure things are done quickly and accurately. Over the last several months we have seen a wonderful change in Martha as she continues to grow and take on new and changing accounting responsibilities. I have gotten nothing but praise and positive comments lately and know that she is always looking out for the company and employees. Thank you Martha for all your years of hard work and service here at PREVENT!

Martha Mitcheom - Accounting, Payroll, A/P


Meet Kyle – Door Lead – Southern California office

We nominate Kyle Feltis of the Southern California team for Employee of the Quarter!  In Kyles’ 22 months at Prevent, he has proven to be one of the most dependable, trustworthy, and committed employees in Southern California. Kyle is consistently growing in his knowledge of fire door inspections and repairs, showing innovation and creativity in ways to repair fire doors, all while demonstrating outstanding logistical and customer service skills. Kyle has recently overseen successful fire door repairs at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Redlands Community Hospital as well as many inspections throughout SoCal! While Kyle is a great employee, it’s also worth noting that he is a pleasure to work with! He’s always cracking jokes and keeping the mood light and fun while working with others.

Kyle Feltis - Fire Door Lead


Meet Nick –  Warehouse Manager – Northern California  Office

Since Nick has come aboard he really has taken ownership of his position as a Warehouse Manager. He is proactive on inventory across the country, follows up with the our guys to get the information that is required to complete his job. Nick is constantly full of energy and constantly moving. No job too big or too small for Nick, from inventorying the fire dampers to detailing the shop vehicles you will never hear a complaint. He is very open to suggestions and constructive criticism to improve in his position. It really has been a pleasure to work with him and every day Nick improves. Cannot wait to see where he is and what he is doing for us in six months.

Nick Brown - Warehouse Manager


Meet Eric – Lead in training – Dallas office

In the past three months, he went from a firestopping technician to running a crew proficiently, now helping out with operations in the office with such duties as inventory and maintaining the shop. Eric excels in communicating with the customers with daily interaction and weekly written updates. Eric Has proven to be a team player and a great asset to the Dallas crew. The bearded wonder can always be seen smiling.

Eric Allen - Lead in Training