How to Be a Leader in a Hospital Fire Emergency

How to Be a Leader in a Hospital Fire Emergency

How to Be a Leader in a Hospital Fire Emergency

A fire emergency can occur anywhere, and hospitals are no exception. Pre-planning is vital to keeping all patients and staff safe in the event of a hospital fire.

A hospital’s fire barrier is responsible for detecting fire and/or smoke then cutting off its ability to spread beyond the area it started in. This helps to keep the airways clear of smoke and keep flames contained to a smaller area.

However, the human part of protecting people from a fire emergency is just as important.

What happens when you need to evacuate?

Being aware of hospital fire procedures

It is important for the hospital staff to have the necessary knowledge about safety procedures concerning the hospital. If an evacuation plan is in place, the staff should be aware of it and know what to do in case a fire emergency arises.

Stay Calm

In case of an emergency, if the hospital staff is in a state of panic it can be worrisome for the patients. That is why hospital staff should have necessary training and practice if such a situation arises. Training can also involve using a fire extinguisher. The procedure is in place to prevent panic and the staff to remain calm and get the patients to a safe place. Panic can negatively affect taking the right decisions. And in a fire emergency, taking the right decisions can be crucial.

Alert others

If you notice a fire emergency in progress, inform the appropriate people who can handle it. This can include calling for fire emergency services at the hospital. Alternatively, you can pull the nearest fire alarm. You can also alert your coworkers of the imminent danger.

Be cautious while moving through the facility

Be careful when exiting the facility during a fire emergency. Follow the path to safety exactly as it’s outlined in emergency procedures. If you have to open doors, be sure to check the doorknob to see if it’s hot before opening, as it can indicate a fire nearby. If there are child patients, be sure to keep them close by and direct them to safety.

If you are ever unclear on procedures, be sure to talk with your manager for the hospital procedures.


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