PREVENT Partners with COHAN

PREVENT Partners with COHAN

PREVENT Partners with COHAN to Bring Code Compliance to the Healthcare Industry

PREVENT and COHAN are proud to announce that we are formally partnering to bring both companies’ master-level experience in the field of healthcare code compliance to as many facilities and systems as possible. By working with the expert consultants at COHAN, PREVENT will better serve their clients’ life safety needs.. And with access to PREVENT’s team of experienced technicians, COHAN can offer the best available inspection and repair service in the industry. Together we will be able to help an ever-growing body of healthcare systems maintain code compliance.

This partnership will allow COHAN’s newly assembled team of master consultants and healthcare code wizards to reach even more healthcare systems and assist them in a myriad of new ways. Led by Eric Phillips and Dr. Bill Wagner, who together share over fifty years of experience in their field, COHAN offers their assistance with Life Safety code, Infection Control, Emergency Preparedness, and Environment of Care. Their ultimate goal is to find and meet every need that a healthcare facility could ever have.

Merging the unique and varied skillsets of PREVENT and COHAN will result in a powerhouse partnership that will be available to healthcare systems all across the United States. COHAN will allow PREVENT to inspect and repair the fire doors, fire and smoke dampers, and firestopping in a greater number of facilities than ever before, making long term Life Safety code compliance easier than ever. PREVENT will be able to offer our thorough and comprehensive inspections, repairs, and reporting to all of COHAN’s consultees. The result of this new partnership will be a safer and more compliant healthcare environment on a nationwide scale.

To see for yourself how PREVENT has been made even better through our partnership with COHAN, reach out today! Our team of Life Safety experts is more prepared than ever to help your facility reach and maintain compliance.