Smoke & Fire Damper Inspections & Repair

Fire Damper InspectionsFire and smoke dampers play a critical role in your life safety system. Dampers need to be in proper working order to ensure that they will close properly in the case of a fire. This will prevent the spread of smoke and/or fire throughout your facility. Due to their importance, regular fire damper inspections are key.

How Fire Dampers Affect your HVAC System

Malfunctioning smoke and fire dampers may be draining money from your facility. When a damper fails to open after a test of the alarm system, the air flow and balance in your facility is altered dramatically. This can cause irregular air balance, causing corridor doors to stay open when they should close. It can also redirect air flow in the HVAC system affecting temperature stability. This will make your facility much less energy efficient.

Fire Damper Inspection Requirements

NFPA Code requires that all fire dampers, smoke dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers, be inspected within one year of installation. After the first inspection, dampers are only required to be inspected every 4 years, while hospitals are required to have fire and smoke damper inspections completed every 6 years.

NFPA 80 and NFPA 105 also state: “If the damper is not operable, repairs shall begin without delay.”

Therefore, repairs should be started as quickly as possible if your fire dampers and/or smoke dampers are not working properly.

Smoke & Fire Damper Inspections

PREVENT Life Safety has years of experience in inspecting and testing all types of fire dampers, smoke dampers, and fire/smoke dampers. Our field technicians are professional and knowledgeable. In addition, they pride themselves on accessing fire and smoke dampers that may otherwise be inaccessible. As a result, we will bring all the necessary tools and equipment to keep our occupants safe while we work.

In addition, we will use dust and infection containment units. We also make sure when we leave, work areas are cleaner than when we arrived.

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PREVENT has you covered:

  • Complete and Thorough Fire Damper Inspections
  • Fire Damper Repairs Performed by Certified Fire Damper Technicians

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Compliance Documentation

Upon completion of fire damper inspection and repairs, customers receive detailed documentation, required to present The Joint Commission at the time of survey.

Each report includes:

  • Life safety maps indicating where each fire damper is located.
  • Inspection logs indicating which dampers passed/failed.
  • Reasons for failures
  • Repairs made to make dampers compliant

See samples of our documentation

“We recently used Prevent at our facility to perform fire damper inspection. This was the first time that we had used Prevent. We had a very positive experience. Prevent was very responsive, organised, knowledgeable and conformed to suit the special needs of our facility. I look forward to working with Prevent in the future and expanding their service to our other facilities.” ~Clinton Heckethorn, Scripps Health

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