Fire Door InspectionsFire Door Inspections, Repairs
and Re-certification

When it comes to fire safety, fire doors are of the same importance as fire dampers. Both will stop the spread of a fire as they’re designed to aid in the compartmentalization of a building. This will help stop the spread of flames, smoke and toxic fumes. In order for them to perform properly, they are to be maintained as required by the fire door code. PREVENT is your source for fire door inspections, repairs and re-certification.

Fire Door Code Requirements

NFPA 80 requires building owners to maintain new and existing fire door assemblies in working condition. These fire doors must be inspected and tested NO LESS THAN ANNUALLY. Furthermore, documentation of inspections and repairs must be readily available and provided to authorities having jurisdiction, upon request.

*CODE UPDATE: All fire door maintenance must be recorded and ready to present during inspections as of July 1, 2016; Documentation will be called upon during surveys as of January 1, 2018 (2012 Life Safety Code).  CMS requires compliance documentation annually in healthcare facilities. Read about the new changes.

Prevent’s reporting method produces the documentation you need to get your facility up to code. Request a quote for fire door inspections. Learn what needs to be on the reports.

Fire Door Inspection & Repair Services

PREVENT’s certified inspection and repair team give you confidence in that your door assemblies are inspected to the highest standards. In addition, we restore non-compliant fire doors back to working condition to ensure the highest level of safety. We also provide you with clear and complete compliance documentation of your fire door inspections. Plus, our reports show repairs for your life safety service records.

When you’re searching for fire door inspection companies, PREVENT has you covered:

  • Perform Thorough and Complete Annual Fire Door Inspections
  • Repair Non-Compliant Fire Door Assemblies
  • Coordinate Re-certification of Existing Fire Door Assemblies

Learn more about our team.

Compliance Documentation

Upon completion of fire door inspection and repairs, customers receive detailed documentation, required to present The Joint Commission at the time of survey.

Each report includes:

  • Life safety maps indicating where each fire door is located.
  • Inspection logs indicating which doors passed/failed.
  • Reasons for failures
  • Repairs made to make doors compliant

See samples of our documentation

“We choose Prevent time & time again simply because of the customer service that Prevent provides to us.  When we need items to be checked on an emergency basis, Prevent is available to come to our need and resolve any issues to make our facility compliant.  Prevent’s staff is not only reliable, but also knowledgeable in the areas they are here to inspect.  Any questions that we may have for Prevent’s employees, they have the answers.  Thank you.” ~Flip Rodriguez, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

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