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Maintaining the integrity of fire-rated walls is fundamental to minimizing the spread of smoke and fire. It’s also time consuming, considering the amount of construction improvements, repairs, and equipment installations that take place in a large facility – chasing and updating penetrations that need firestopping is a non-stop job.

The International Building Code (IBC) states that “Joints installed in or between fire-resistance rated walls, floor or floor/ceiling assemblies and roofs or roof/ceiling assemblies shall be protected by an approved fire-resistant joint system designed to resist the passage of fire for a time period no less than the required fire-resistance rating of the wall, floor or roof in or between which it is installed.”

PREVENT will help preserve your fire walls’ structural defenses to comply with the current regulations. Our Hilti and STI certified technicians use the appropriate materials and UL systems, correcting all fire wall penetrations so you are fully protected and conform to all codes. We have many years’ experience in firestopping – in fact, our President is a former leader and President of the FCIA trade association – a highly respected subject matter expert in the trade.  All of this experience means we can complete extensive jobs quickly, finding and fixing issues other often don’t.

We also offer on-going programs to address issues that occur between inspections. We’ll create an above-ceiling access permit program and identify zones/floors/buildings that need monthly or quarterly service. You will receive detailed reports including photo documentation of all completed work well in time for your upcoming inspection.

A monthly firestop maintenance program can save you significant time, money, and stress.

Our Guarantee

We train and develop specialized knowledge to implement on your behalf.

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