Life Safety Drawings & Plans

Life Safety Drawings & Plans

Fire & Life Safety Plan Drawings and Assessments

Life Safety Drawings & Plans (LSDP) are the basis of a Life Safety Assessment and Statement of Condition, and serve as map of all the elements of a comprehensive fire barrier and fire/life safety management system. Meticulous plans are required; inaccuracies or the lack of a proper plan can jeporadize the outcome of your inspection.

LSDP are also extremely helpful in the day-to-day management and maintenance of all components affected by the fire code and which are integral to the fire barrier.

They are essential in creating an above-ceiling permit process, helpful in contractor negotiations and in the conduct of drills and maintenance, and can have a positive impact on budgeting and the reduction of unnecessary work.

Plans must be accurate, current, and reflect any changes in the facility since the last inspection, and therefore require regular updates. PREVENT can perform the necessary field survey work and produce accurate base architectural drawings and life safety compliance drawings.

We’ll help you meet this criteria and provide an exact, easy-to-read representation of the current state of your buildings and your fire barrier system.

Our Guarantee

As your fire and life safety partner, we safeguard your property and investment as if they were our own.

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