Long-Term Compliance Programs

Long-Term Compliance Programs

Fire Safety Code Compliance & Management Services

Maintaining your life safety system is crucial to protecting people in your facility. It can be challenging to stay on top of the fire code, let alone to maintain the many parts of a functional system.

Budget constraints, lack of manpower or expertise, and limited access to qualified inspection staff can put you at risk of a failed inspection. The high cost of deferred maintenance or the potential liability that follows a safety issue can lead to catastrophic outcomes and even denied accreditation by all AHJs.

PREVENT can assist with your life safety and compliance project management with our Long-Term Compliance Programs, designed to respond to all your needs ahead of scheduled inspections and to deliver a flawless result.

Key elements include on-time inspections and corrective action, above-ceiling permit programs, and priorities that correlate with TJC directives – along with the most comprehensive reporting available.

We’ll evaluate your compliance status quo, identify gaps in your provision, and  provide you with a customized plan and schedule to rectify any issues.

Our Guarantee

With us, you will always be fully compliant.

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